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Michael Voulgarakis


An Abundance of Experience

As an experienced investment advisor for family offices and high net worth investors, we are involved in all phases of assets’ life cycles, from acquisition to disposition. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and cost effective asset management services for investors of commercial real estate, allowing our valued clients to outsource this critical ownership function.

We're on a mission to help investors maximize the performance and value of their portfolios to the fullest extent.

We understand first-hand how frustrating it is to have your valuable time consumed by real estate administration, planning, financing, leasing and sales brokers, property managers, lenders, attorneys, and accountants. And we know how hard it is to go it alone.
Are the risks to your portfolio evident and are you concerned that the performance is not maximized to the fullest extent and that you are leaving substantial money on the table?
These challenges can be overcome, with the help of experienced fractional asset managers with fiduciary mindsets who will proactively plan and execute fundamentals to help your portfolio reach its full financial potential.
Let us provide stable long-term wealth preservation and growth through well informed decisions and personalized service.
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