Outsourced Fractional Commercial Real Estate Asset Management Consulting and Advisory

For Family Offices and High Net Worth Investors

Real Estate Operations

Implementing scalable standard operating procedures that provide clients control and visibility and ultimately peace of mind that their assets are operating as efficiently as possible

Performance Reporting

  • Quarterly Investor Performance Reporting
  • Monthly review of property management and leasing reports.

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Planning and oversight of capital expenditure projects
  • Implement cost segregation study for maximum depreciation benefit
  • Create standard forms: commercial and residential leases, commercial LOI, listing agreement, and rent commencement agreement.
  • Property tax certiorari (tax appeal).
  • Annual insurance review
  • Property inspections and market analysis
  • Develop onboarding and offboarding procedures and checklists for acquiring and disposing of assets
  • Develop onboarding and off boarding procedures and checklists for new and departing tenants.
  • Commercial lease oversight to ensure co-tenancy requirements are met
  • Develop delinquent tenant protocol process
  • Lead delinquent tenant negotiations 
  • Respond to and execute changes in business plan or capital events

Hire and manage 3rd party providers

  • Oversee property manager and production of annual property management plan including budgeting, capital needs, expense management, tenant relations, and facilities management.
  • Direct sales and leasing brokers for acquisition and dispositions and leasing
  • Assist tax accountant to complete timely filing of tax returns 
  • Oversee attorneys for necessary legal actions

Carefully curated tenant selection and leasing

  • Negotiate LOI and new and renewal leases with commercial tenants
  • Proactive and proprietary approach to securing high quality retail, office, and residential tenants
  • Monitor upcoming lease expirations and work diligently to retain desired existing tenant base.

Acquisition, reposition, and disposition of assets

  • Source, evaluate, and acquire new properties
  • Due Diligence for new assets: purchase and sale agreement negotiations, coordination of buyer and vendor inspections, market analysis, lease abstraction, and review of environmental studies and appraisal.
  • Coordinate refinancing, selection of lender / mortgage broker, terms comparison analysis, loan document and appraisal review, coordination of closing process.
  • Lead disposition efforts including asset pre-sale preparation, sale contract negotiation, transaction management, and closing.


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Financial Management

Providing control and visibility of finances while optimizing cash flow and the value of your assets

Standardized performance analysis, short- and long-range forecasting

Review annual CAM reconciliations.

Sell / hold / refinance analyses

Acquisition, reposition, and disposition of assets

Annual Operating, capital expenditure, and reserves budgeting

Managing Cash Flow and Owner Distributions

Analyze financial performance against original underwriting (leasing, financing, operating expenses, capital needs)

Sourcing and implementing acquisition and refinance debt

Administration of lender relations and loan compliance

Track loan compliance dates and terms, insurance due dates, tax due dates, state reporting compliance & fee dates.


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Strategic Business Planning

Achieve stable long-term principal preservation and growth by optimizing cash flow and the value of your assets and mitigate volatility through proactive vs. reactive business planning.

Develop annual business plan with short- and long-term objectives.

Assess regional and local real estate market trends

Management and marketing plan implementation

Perform annual valuations, sell / hold and refinancing analyses,

Financing, acquisition, reposition, and disposition plans

Service provider review


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